Camelina oil noted by Confederate physician during US Civil War

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Here is a snippet about the extraordinary properties and uses of Camelina [Gold of Pleasure] oil that was prepared for the Confederate Army during the US Civil War. Resources Of The Southern Fields And Forests was written in 1863 by Dr. Francis Peyre Porcher to provide “scientific and popular knowledge as regards the medicinal, economical, and useful properties of the …


Camelina: a favourite among geese, horses, sheep, cows and goats in 1816

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Here is an interesting reference to Camelina that is almost 200 years old. The Universal Dictionary of the Arts, Sciences, Literature of the Encyclopeadia Perthensis, published in Edinburgh in 1816, was ‘Intended to Supersede the Other Books of Reference’ and is Illustrated with 370 Plates and Maps. Under the Letter M we find the term Myagrum or Gold of Pleasure …


Camelina shows potential anticancer properties, Illinois study suggests

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University of Illinois scientists have found compounds in Camelina that boost liver detoxification enzymes nearly fivefold – suggesting further studies should be undertaken to explore Camelina’s anti-cancer properties. “The bioactive compounds in Camelina sativa seed … are a mixture of phytochemicals that work together synergistically far better than they do alone. This seed meal is a promising nutritional supplement because …