What’s in a Name? Synonyms for Camelina sativa

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In many languages Camelina is simply …. Camelina. Camelina may also be called: gold-of-pleasure, caméline de l’Ouest, linseed dodder, petit lin, camelina pilosa, false flax, Hryst [Serbian], Lnicznik [Polish], sésame d’Allemagne, big seed false flax, Tuder [Estonian], large seeded false flax, caméline ciliée, Рыжик посевной [Russian], caméline faux-lin, western false flax, wild flax, Dutch flax, faux-lin, petit lin, sésame bâtard, Leindotter, Saat-Leindotter, dodder …

Using Cash Cover Crops to Provide Pollinator Provisions in the Upper Midwest. – C.A. Eberle, F. Forcella, J. Lundgren, K. Nemec, R. W. Gesch, W.E. Riedell, S. K. Papiernik, M. Thom – ASA, CSSA, ASSA (2014)

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Summary: Use of winter cover crops in Minnesota and South Dakota has been slow to be adopted. The short growing season and potential for late wet springs make cover crops risky to farmers with little economic return. The use of cash cover crops in this area offers the standard advantages of other cover crops, with the added benefit of harvesting …