Linnaeus Plant Sciences Joins EU Camelina Consortium – Incorporates Dutch BV

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Linnaeus Plant Sciences Joins EU Consortium – Incorporates Dutch BVAffiliate Smart Earth Seeds expands global Camelina production SASKATOON (April 22) – Linnaeus Plant Sciences, the leading global Camelina enterprise, announces the formation of Linnaeus Plant Sciences BV, headquartered in Wageningen, The Netherlands. This incorporation will allow Linnaeus to join a group of eighteen EU-based partners, of which …


Camelina feed, meal and oil shows potential to improve animal products

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An oilseed hat-trick: Camelina seed, meal and oil fed to chickens, goats and fish makes for healthier animal products, a growing body of research suggests. In one Romanian university study it was shown that goats whose feed is supplemented with Camelina produce milk that is healthier for humans. The study by Daniel Mierlita and Simona Iona Vicas, published in the South …