An agronomic miracle: Camelina overcomes the toughest growing conditions

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Denis Keller planted Midas brand Camelina on 120 acres of very marginal land a new miles north of Landis, Sask., last April. It’s very sandy soil, near Goodspring Lake. “Kind of like beach sand,” said Garry Graham, agronomist with Central Plains Co-operative in Rosetown. Friends and relatives told Denis that this particular pasture land was not really fit for growing …


Camelina offers a sustainable solution for global aquaculture

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It seems ironic but a solution to the overfishing crisis in the worlds’ oceans can be directly tied to the productivity and ingenuity of dryland farmers in Western Canada. A new research study confirms that meal and oil derived from the oilseed plant Camelina sativa can effectively substitute for oil and meal in fish feed. This has major implications for the …