Smart Earth Seeds camelina equine oil helps turn rescue horse

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When Lori McCumber brought Rory to L & M Equestrian near Waterloo, Ont., the 5-year-old thoroughbred was a starvation case. But the positive turnaround she has seen in Rory’s overall health in just 30 short days is simply amazing, partly due to adding Camelina oil to the horse’s diet. Lori has been bringing rescue animals to her boarding and training …

Smart Earth Seeds Equine Oil a sponsor at London Horsemanship Awards

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Smart Earth Seeds was a proud silent auction sponsor at the recent London Horsemanship Club Awards. The LHC Annual awards brunch/banquet hosted 250 riders at Caradoc Sands in Strathroy, Ontario. One lucky member rode away with some Smart Earth Seeds Camelina Oil equine supplement! The London Horsemanship Club is a competition series held in North London at Woodacres Farm, hosting …

Smart Earth Seeds offers Omega3-rich Camelina Oil for the Equine Market

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Smart Earth Seeds offers the finest quality cold-pressed filtered 100% non-GMO Camelina sativa oil. Our Camelina is grown from our own carefully-developed germplasm by great producers on the Canadian Prairies. Camelina is rich in Omega3 fatty acids and tocopherols in a ratio that is unique among vegetable oils. In recent years the potential health benefits of Camelina supplements for animals …


Camelina meal in Canadian dairy feeding trial

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Eight Holstein cows in a dairy barn at the University of Saskatchewan will consume nearly five tonnes of Camelina meal to see if various inclusions of the diet will produce volumes of fine-tasting milk with healthy Omega3 nutrients. Rex Newkirk, Chair of Food Processing Technology in the Department of Animal Science and Poultry, University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, said two …


Camelina meal fed to hens increases Omega3 content of eggs

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The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has approved Omega3-boosting Camelina cake for inclusion in feed for laying hens, reports the Western Producer. Researchers recently told the Western Canada Poultry Research Workshop that a market for Camelina meal could lead to one million to two million acres of Canadian farmland being dedicated to growing this promising oilseed. Camelina seed is one-third oil and …


Dairy cows fed Camelina produce healthier milk, study says

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Dairy cows fed Camelina as a replacement for sunflower meal produce healthier milk, a recent study shows. The research, by a team at the school of veterinary science at the University of Bucharest, found that partial or full replacement of sunflower meal with Camelina meal didn’t have any negative impact on the ability of dairy cows to produce milk. But …


Camelina at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show

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Thanks to everyone who visited our Smart Earth Seeds booth at the Western Canadian Crop Production Show again this year. We were pleased to meet producers and to offer the very latest information about how to best grow Camelina, and to describe its many functions and uses. The show, held this year from January 11-14 at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon, …


An agronomic miracle: Camelina overcomes the toughest growing conditions

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Denis Keller planted Midas brand Camelina on 120 acres of very marginal land a new miles north of Landis, Sask., last April. It’s very sandy soil, near Goodspring Lake. “Kind of like beach sand,” said Garry Graham, agronomist with Central Plains Co-operative in Rosetown. Friends and relatives told Denis that this particular pasture land was not really fit for growing …


Camelina offers a sustainable solution for global aquaculture

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It seems ironic but a solution to the overfishing crisis in the worlds’ oceans can be directly tied to the productivity and ingenuity of dryland farmers in Western Canada. A new research study confirms that meal and oil derived from the oilseed plant Camelina sativa can effectively substitute for oil and meal in fish feed. This has major implications for the …


UPDATED: Camelina contracts for late-seeding Saskatchewan growers

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Smart Earth Seeds contracted about 5,000 acres of Midas Camelina among Saskatchewan producers last season and in 2015 we extended the contracting window as producers contemplated late seeding or re-seeding following frost and heavy rains. We are very happy to be working with our growers again this year, and plan on a successful season with this low-input, short season oilseed that matures in just …