Smart Earth Seeds camelina equine oil helps turn rescue horse

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When Lori McCumber brought Roy to L & M Equestrian near Waterloo, Ont., the 5-year-old thoroughbred was a starvation case. But the positive turnaround she has seen in Roy’s overall health in just 30 short days is simply amazing, partly due to adding Camelina oil to the horse’s diet. Lori has been bringing rescue animals to her boarding and training …

Bees love those pretty yellow camelina flowers

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Researchers have found winter-grown camelina works very well as a forage resource for bees combing for nectar on sparse ground in early spring. Scientists with the United States Department of Agriculture planted pennycress, canola and camelina to see how bees responded to their early spring blooms. “All three cover crops had high insect visitation during their anthesis periods,” says a …


Camelina Approved for Broiler Chicken Meal in Canada

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Smart Earth Seeds is pleased to announce that Camelina meal has been approved for the first time in Canada for use in broiler chicken feed. Smart Earth Seeds is the leading global Camelina enterprise and has been working to develop Camelina as a valuable new oilseed rotation crop in Western Canada. Thanks to the efforts of the University of Saskatchewan, Department …